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Sheet Metal Module provides intuitive 3D modeling for sheet metal parts. The capabilities include automated bend relief, unfold and ability to work simultaneously in 3D and flat pattern. The software automatically understands modeling intent, such as bend type, based on user edge selections on the model.

ECAD Integration supports data exchange with ECAD systems for printed circuit board designs (PCBs). IDF and Mentor PADS file formats can be imported, automatically generating 3D board and component models.

New Capabilities

3D Section Modification provides a familiar and intuitive way to modify a model for those more comfortable working in 3D. A virtual cross section can be placed anywhere within a part or assembly and modified.

Lightweight Assemblies provide fast retrieval of large assemblies. Assembly components can be selected as needed for full retrieval and modification. Changes can be made in context of the full design, reducing the likelihood of component interference and assembly mismatch.

Driving Dimensions capture design intent at any product development stage. Design variables, such as a dimension between ribs, are associated with a user-named geometry selection, for example "support rib." The dimension can be modified at any time, or removed if the design intent is no longer valid.

Advanced Geometry capabilities have been extended to include the ability to create and modify bounded blends, helical surfaces and standard shapes (e.g., hexagons).

Geometric Patterns are enhanced to allow for fast review of design alternatives. Holes can be directly modified into a slot for "on the spot" manufacturability.

Drawing Additions include more view types, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, annotations and associative notes for improved documentation and communication.

Development API is provided for clients to integrate their internal applications. Third-party developers can also make use of the PI after signing a standard Developers Agreement.

Integrated Partner Solutions

Integration with ANSYS® Gambit and ANSYS Workbench enables both applications to be launched from within SpaceClaim, and the model automatically exported to the application for pre-processing and analysis.

Open, modify and save the Rhinoceros® file format, providing improved collaboration between industrial and mechanical design disciplines, resulting in better product designs and faster time-to-market.

Language Support

Simplified and Traditional Chinese join English, Japanese, French, German and Korean as supported languages.


Free 30-Days-Testversion available for Download here.

* The main differences between SpaceClaim's products are import and export capabilities, as well as some options and services that are available with SpaceClaim Professional 2007+. SpaceClaim LT provides import of STEP, IGES, DXF, DWG, BMP, JPG and PNG file formats and export of DXF, DWG, XAML, STL, VRML, BMP, JPG and PNG file formats. SpaceClaim LTX provides these capabilities as well as the export of STEP and IGES files for other 3D systems.