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User Interface

  • Beginner and Expert Modes.
  • Multiple Display Modes.
  • Window Positioning Controls.
  • Interruptible and Transparent Redraws.
  • Interactive Camera Placement.
  • Interactive Light Placement.
  • Light Librarian.
  • Extensive, context-sensitive online help and dual printed manuals (600 pages).

Object Manipulation

  • Completely Hierarchical Model Database and User Interface.
  • Built-in Primitives.
  • 3D Extruded Fonts.
  • Object Manipulation.
  • Automatic Polygon Processing.

Hierarchical Selector Window

  • Fast Scene Component Access.
  • Hierarchy Manipulation.
  • Fast Material Assignment.

Extensive Material and Shader Support

  • Material and texture librarian.
  • Texture and Material Libraries.
  • Complex Material Editor.
  • Sophisticated transparency: Face, reflected colors and edge transparency.
  • Spherical, cubical and planar mapping.
  • Mist and fog atmospheric shaders.
  • "Shadow Catcher".
  • 12 forms of texture modulation.

Versatile Texture Mapping

  • Unlimited Texture Layering.
  • Interactive 2D Texture Placement.
  • 3D Texture Editor.
  • 2D Texture Editor. Imports 2D bitmap textures from a variety of standard formats (2 through 32-bit BMP, Electric Image, IFF, JPEG, Photoshop PSD, SGI RGB, SoftImage PIC, TIFF or TARGA, or 8-bit CEL, FLC, FLI or GIF files), enable texture filtering (MIPmap or Bilinear).
  • Full Alpha Channel Support.

Great 3D Import and Export

  • All the functionality of Okino's PolyTrans.
  • Extensive geometry import filters.
  • Imports polygon, trimmed NURBS and bicubic patch geometry as well as all camera, lights, materials, textures and object hierarchy found in files.
  • Animation Conversion.
  • Robust DXF Import Filter.
  • Extensive geometry export filters.
  • Wide Geometry Support.
  • Built-In Bitmap Image Converter.

Fast, Photo-Realistic Rendering

  • Fast and memory efficient 32-bit broadcast quality scanline & multi-threaded ray trace renderers.
  • Multiple Rendering Formats.
  • Selective Rendering.
  • Many Output Formats.
  • Accurate Alpha Channel Output.
  • Soft-Edged or Hard-Edged Shadows.
  • Field scanline rendering mode.
  • Background Color Scheme.

System Requirements

  • Recommended configuration:
    Pentium-class CPU, 256-1GB+Mb memory, 1024x768 screen resolution with 24-bit color, accelerated NVIDIA or ATI video card will provide pixel level shaders, any version of Microsoft Windows.