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What is NuGraf?

NuGraf is a fast, powerful and comprehensive 3D rendering, scene composition, model viewing and complex model translation program for Microsoft Windows.

By utilizing a streamlined internal pipeline organization, NuGraf can effortlessly import, interactively manipulate and photo-realistically render very large 3D scene files quickly and without the performance degradation that is often encountered with other 3D rendering or animation packages. Key features include industry standard geometry import and export filters (with full texture mapping and shading support), realtime scene manipulation functions, a seamless user interface and high quality, fast "photo-realistic" rendering tools. Whether your task requires the import/processing/optimization/conversion of complex CAD files, or the sophisticated visualization of a large polygon engineering model, NuGraf provides all the flexibility, power and tools required to accomplish any task, simplistic or otherwise.

NuGraf is also completely unique in its ability to import and render 3D Studio®, 3DS MAX® (via the special PolyTrans-for-MAX plug-in system), Lightwave®, Maya® (via the special PolyTrans-for-Maya plug-in system), QuickDraw-3D®, trueSpace®, SoftImage-XSI® dotXSI files and SoftImage-3D® databases files (among others) just as they would appear in their native programs, complete with all texture maps, lights and cameras! Just import the file and press "render"! Please note that NuGraf contains all the functionality of Okino's popular PolyTrans program plus much more.

Who uses NuGraf?

Typical users of the software include:

  • Engineers, mechanical designers, industrial designers, architects and CAD/CAM users who require fast and robust visualization (photo-realistic rendering) or data translation (to other common 3D file formats) of complex files exported from such favorite design packages as AutoCAD®, CATIA®, Pro/Engineer®, Rhino®, SDRC® and many others (NuGraf supports all major CAD and modeling packages via strong IGES, SLP, STL, DXF and/or native formats). For example, see our dedicated Pro/Engineer® WEB page.
  • Production studios, digital effects, animation studios, 3D content developers and game developers, as core users of the software, for dependable scene conversion, tweaking and optimization.
  • Interior designers and furniture manufactures who require a versatile visualization environment.
  • GIS users who require the ability to import and interactively manipulate huge (1:1) USGS DEM data sets.
  • Teachers and professors who would like to teach the concepts of 3d graphics and rendering to their students.

Why should I use NuGraf?

Simply put, NuGraf will significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to transform a 3d model into a picture-perfect, photo-realistic image. NuGraf accelerates the 3d rendering cycle via the use of its fast import converters, its mouse-interruptible camera placement tools, its automatic (u,v) texture projection methods, its large material library and its highly efficient and fast renderer.

NuGraf also has all of the features of Okino's PolyTrans program in addition to full material and texture editing, rendering "emulation" of the major 3d file formats, a more extensive user interface and 3d font creation. If your work centers around 3d file translation then NuGraf is the most productive tool available now.

Top 11 Reasons for Purchasing NuGraf:

NuGraf is recognized as having one of the fastest and most efficient photo-realistic rendering engines.

Chosen for IEEE "Excellence Award" by group of 3D industry experts.

Never bottlenecks: Import huge 300+MB files, setup lights, cameras, apply materials & render all in severals minutes at most.

Excellent and complete support for the most popular 3D file formats as demanded by thousands of our customers.

A complete solution: renderer, converters, optimization tools, great GUI, extensive help.

Batch conversion of 3D file formats as well as all supported 2D bitmap file formats.

Our programmers work (iterally) around the clock to provide excellent technical support for NuGraf.

Happy and satisfied customers. Recognized as being simple for beginners, deep for experts.

NuGraf can process and render huge files quickly and with minimal memory usage.

Handles all forms of geometry, including NURBs and meshes.

All the functionality, power and "top 11 reasons" of Okino's PolyTrans program.

NuGraf Features ...