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To get all the requested data.

You demand to get critical information needed to build a part or an assembly and to visualize, measure or modify the relevant files and you are right.

DATAKIT delivers reliable translators that properly achieve the job and make it possible to use existing models, avoid rebuilding them and capture designers’ original intents.

Two ranges of Cad data exchange solutions are available: CrossCad/Sta for stand-alones and CrossCad/Plg for plug-ins. Numerous neutral as well as native formats are managed. Convertors allow entities filtering, files splitting, preview … and generate a report automatically with the results of the conversion.

The stand-alones converters are now packaged in a specific conversion engine and are completely dissociated from the many plug-ins available for different CAD software.
Users consequently have direct access to all the interfaces and, in this dedicated environment, can select the product they want to test and submit a licence request, using a far more intuitive approach.
There is now a choice of two operating modes: Classic and Wizard. The Wizard mode is designed for users who want to fine-tune their choices based on selected files, the characteristics of the data they want to convert or the files they want to generate. Classic mode is what Datakit customers will be more familiar with. Its new ergonomics make it a far more pleasant tool to use for requesting a test licence.

Whichever mode is chosen, the result is displayed for products that offer a preview (Pro-E, Catia V5, SolidWorks, Unigraphics).

The Plug-ins do not work on their own. They are linked to the software for which they were designed. This means that users must have a licence for the software on the same workstation. Main advantages are a complete integration with the software and an attractive price list.